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The Solution Collective® is an Australian based IT Consultancy, specialising in the delivery of cloud solutions, business applications and integration projects – with a particular focus on SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Office 365 and everything Microsoft (we’re a Gold partner of course). Based in Brisbane but with national and international clients, we’ve assembled a rare combination of talented individuals. Our expertise includes specifying, designing and delivering Internet, Extranet and Intranet sites – for consumption and collaboration across desktop, tablet and mobile.

The Solution Collective® is trusted by our tier 1 clients to fully Discover business requirements, Design an optimal solution, and to Deliver that solution on time. Easy to say, Difficult to do. Which is why finding the right partner for your project is critical…


SharePoint services we offer

✓ Office 365 mail migrations – getting from on-prem, to the cloud.
✓ Office 365 intranet migrations – content and collaboration from anywhere
✓ SharePoint SOS – disaster recovery, and business continuity planning
✓ Governance – gaining back control of your SharePoint
✓ Strategy and Advice – SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & SharePoint Online/O365
✓ Migration – whether new to SharePoint, or upgrading to the latest version
✓ Integration – SharePoint as the portal to your enterprise apps
✓ Customisation – .NET development from the best in the business
✓ Monitoring – spotting problems before they impact your business
✓ Patching and Maintenance – taking the complexity and risk out of upgrades
✓ Recruitment – finding the best SharePoint, .NET, SQL and Microsoft stack specialists

Dynamics services we offer

✓ Implementation – see your D365 project through to completion
✓ Configuration – Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Field Service, PSA
✓ Customisation – make D365 work how YOU need it
✓ Strategy and Advice – leverage our experience to get the best out of D365
✓ Upgrades and Migrations – looking to get onto the latest and greatest?
✓ Integrations – connect D365 and line of business applications
✓ Business Apps – with the extensibility of D365 the possibilities are endless
✓ Power Platform – Forms, Workflow, Analytics, Reports and Dashboards
✓ Portals – Self-service and dashboards for your clients




Meet the team.

These are the people that make it all happen.

Carlo Liviani


Sebastian Rizzo


Natasha Reynolds


Arnie Raju


Leon Pienaar


Chris Stokes


Christophe Demangeot


Kaja Pukk


Naveen Gabriel


Simon Finlay


John Comfort


Stevan Simovic


Sam Hanratty


Tom Rock


Jen Spiers


Colin Beresford


Thilanka Silva


Lynton Bassett


Luca Caruso


Stephen Wilson


Steve Middleton

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How we work.

It's not complicated, but it does make a difference.

Small. Packets. Of. Work. Whether you have a massive Intranet or system integration project, or a small set of bug fixes to an existing application – first we undertake a small, fixed price engagement to understand your needs.  We Discover. Then we analyse your requirements, and propose a program of mini projects that will bring you closer to your goals – we Design. Then you authorise whichever mini projects you like, and we make it happen – we Deliver. Simple.

Whether our client is a large government department, a corporate powerhouse, a growing SMB, or a 5 man shop – all of them tell us that they love our approach as is minimises risk, builds trust, and maximises value.


“Let’s talk about your business.”


“Here are some good options.”


“OK, that problem’s solved. What’s next?”

What else? Time estimates are provided for each of the mini projects – with each preferably being 2 weeks in length, but never longer than 4 weeks. The price for the mini project is fixed, but the scope will vary depending on what we are actually able to get done within the time period. As we successfully complete mini project after mini project – your confidence in our ability to deliver will grow, as will the realisation that you are getting good value – and that you won’t be left with a big invoice, and no solutions 6 months down the line.

Is that it? Yes. Basically this process reduces risk for both parties. We aren’t keen for fixed-price, fixed-requirement, time-limited work – as in order to mitigate the risk of that, a huge amount of negotiation work is required – and the price will necessarily go up. In other words – we all spend a lot of time talking about what we are going to build, and who is to blame if it goes wrong, but not actually building anything. Everyone loses. We find that building trust and being flexible is the much better methodology… and we are confident that you will agree.

Some of our wonderful clients

Big or small, old or new, we love them all…

Our client case studies

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients are saying…

“The success of this project could not have been achieved without The Solution Collective, and the fact that users are already looking at expanding the DMS towards workflows and Excel collaboration, less than a month after go live is testament to this! Thanks to every one of you, and looking forward to working on together on the next stage of Austin’s SharePoint journey.”

Rochelle Oberholzer, Group Risk Manager

Austin Engineering
Global Document Management System
For this project The Solution Collective delivered global, multi-lingual Intranet and Document Management System that is now being used by Austin Engineering’s staff around the world. The platform includes targeted news based on geographic location and division, and a system of smart alerts to notify users when documents have been updated.
“The Solution Collective have changed the way we work with and support our SharePoint environment.  They are an awesome addition to our arsenal of IT providers, they’re great to deal with and extremely good at what they do.  We wouldn’t be without them!”

Brian Carroll, IT Manager

MPC Kinetic
Document Management System Project.
During this 12-week “Kickstart” project, we provisioned a new SharePoint Online Document Management System for MPK, migrated documents from a legacy SharePoint 2010 system – and prior to ‘go live’ provided a mix of onsite training workshops, and online training pages.
“The Solution Collective’s appreciation and awareness of SharePoint and how to get the most out of it is superb! Their solutions are thoughtful, considered and appropriate for the users and the business. They are a delight to work with at all times.”

Gerard Ninnes, Digital and Creative Senior Advisor

Clean Energy Regulator
SharePoint Intranet Project
The Solution Collective worked with CER to design and build a modern Intranet based on SharePoint 2016 technology. The Intranet (called REGi) delivers fresh targeted content, operates as an effective communication tool, and incorporates the principles of usability, accessibility, and intuitive navigation at its core.

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