Delve right in…

Delve right in…
Rabia Williams

I’ve been using Delve quite a bit recently, and since we’ve not blogged about it before – I thought I’d share some of my thoughts about it with you.

Delve, as the name suggests, is the Microsoft tool for deep diving into what’s been happening in your company’s Office 365.  Using the data provided by the Office Graph API, Delve organises and displays data from across Office 365 (particularly SharePoint Online), and allows you to discover information with ease.  The data provided can be quite eye-opening, but since it is based on (and security trimmed by) Enterprise search – you can be confident staff are only seeing things which they are supposed to be seeing (and if not, maybe it’s time to talk to us about a SharePoint security audit!).  There is also a Microsoft page about information security.

To launch Delve, go to the O365 app launcher or visit (sign into your O365 account):

Managing profiles

Once you are in Delve, click on Me (1) to edit your profile details:

You can edit your photo (2), add projects to your profile (3) add skills to your profile (4) add other profile information (5).

You can view the documents you’ve worked on (6), and see what other people in your organization are working on (7).  You can even create your blog posts from the same page (8).


Click on People to see another user’s profile – and, if you have access, you can also see the documents they are working on or have worked on recently.  If your company has configured the ‘Manager’ property in Azure AD, you will also have access to Org Chart information.


When you are actively working on a project, you may have some documents you need to view or edit from time-to-time.  Add them to favourites and view them all in one place under Favorites.


Another exciting feature of Delve is the ability to add your documents into shared ‘boards’ (think of them as shared subject-specific favourites).

Click on the board icon in each document block and add the document to a board. You can create new boards on the fly, or select a board which is already in use.

Click on the board name on the left side panel to see the documents which belong to the newly created board.  This is great way to organise documents, and collaborate with your team.

In summary

This is by no means an exhaustive tour, but if this post gets you to revisit Delve and consider its usefulness for collaborating with your team – then my mission is complete!  Delve FAQs from Microsoft are available here.