Is TechNet Dead?

Is TechNet Dead?
Tom Rock

No, it isn’t. But it is moving to It is already live, and from my initial looks – I really like what they’ve done.

Docs is grouped by Microsoft product, and then segmented based audience type: ‘IT Admin’, ‘Information Worker’, ‘Partner’ or ‘Developer’.

In Other News

This week is a MASSIVE week for Office 365 announcements. Perhaps Microsoft have their workforce working double-time up to the Christmas break? Whatever the reason, I am very excited by a number of these announcements.  My favourite 2 picks are…

Microsoft Whiteboard

Whiteboard has been rolled out for English language ‘First Release’ customers.  But what is WhiteBoard?  It’s basically a OneNote style application intended for collaborative group work on a… drum roll…. whiteboard.

For it to work, you need to download the application – which unfortunately for now, is only available on Windows 10.

Microsoft Teams

Following on from Rabia’s post last month, it is really heartening to see Microsoft continue to double down on the application. December sees the following enhancements:

  • Use a new PowerShell module that enables you to leverage PowerShell to configure and manage Microsoft Teams.
  • Utilize two new usage reports in the Office 365 Admin center that enable you to understand how your users are leveraging Teams to communicate and collaborate. – Store your Teams data locally in the UK to comply with legal, regulatory, and compliance needs.
  • Manage macOS devices with Intune and create policies to secure the data in Teams and prevent leakage on untrusted devices.
  • Clean up old or inactive chats from the chat list by hiding them. – Leave a group chat where you are no longer needed, or were added by mistake to begin with.
  • Control who can post in the General channel by choosing between three settings – allow everybody to post; limit posting to team owners only; or allow all team members to post but remind them that their message will be seen by many people.
  • Change your app theme, language, and notifications settings all in one place.
  • Discover new tabs more easily – Whenever someone adds a new tab at the top of a channel you belong to, you’ll see a “New” badge right next to the tab name.

There are a total of 14 Office 365 updates this week, so if you want to know more – be sure to log into your Office 365 Admin Console.