Light SharePoint Up For Christmas!

Light SharePoint Up For Christmas!
Tom Rock

OK, maybe its a bit early for Christmas themed blog posts – but Microsoft have just announced that custom styling for ‘New Experience’ list columns is coming soon to those who are signed up the ‘First Release‘ program.  In general I’ve been super-excited to see the continuous incremental improvements Microsoft have been making to the ‘New Experience’ – it’s snappy and responsive, and just ‘feels’ like a more polished UI.  However, for those of us who need to do some heavy lifting in SharePoint – the lack of feature parity with the ‘Classic Experience’ has unfortunately meant that for many use cases its not quite mature enough.  With this announcement, that feature gap closes even smaller – and that feels like an early Christmas present to me!

Microsoft have also published a help page explaining how column formatting is achieved by pasting the appropriate JSON into a text field (as per image on the left).  This brings column customisation within the grasp of the SharePoint Power User.

For more flexible, and more powerful ‘New Experience’ list customisations – you best get your friendly SharePoint Developer on the case.  They can make use of the Field Customiser (part of SPFX), which allows for script execution, and arbitrary data visualisations (as opposed to just CSS and HTML as is the case with the newly announced column formatting feature).

To keep abreast of new features and announcements, don’t forget to check out the Office 365 Product Roadmap, and of course your Office 365 Admin Centre alerts section.