Moving SharePoint files, the easy way!

Moving SharePoint files, the easy way!
Rabia Williams

Microsoft is rolling out new updates for moving document(s) from source to destination in SharePoint Online.  I’ve been waiting for this feature for so long, and am extremely excited that it has finally arrived!

File(s) can now be moved (1) within a SharePoint Document Library (i.e. between folders), (2) to another library within the same SharePoint site, (3) to another library within another site in the same site collection, (4) to your OneDrive.

The step by step process for moving documents from one site to another is as follows:

1. Select the files in the SharePoint library

2. Click on Move to from the command bar which opens up a move panel as shown below.

Select the target site where the files are to be moved to.

3. On selecting the target site, the panel then displays all the document libraries where the files can be moved to

4. Select the library ‘Documents’ (or any library of your choice) and choose where the files should go within that library. The panel will now list the folders inside the document library. Move the files into any of the folder listed or create a new folder to move the files into it by selecting New Folder.

5. Now to move the files (1) Select New folder, (2) type the name of the new folder (3) click on the check mark to create the new folder, and (4) click on the Move here button to move the files into the newly created folder

NOTE: the history of the document is moved with the file.  So double thumbs up from me in that respect!