Release the Beast!

Release the Beast!
Tom Rock

We’ve nearly finished The Solution Collective’s Brisbane office refurb, and I am super excited to share some of the pics! Our war room has this awesome oversize painting by local Brisbane artist Keiron McMaster – release the beast! (and get out of the way Seb – your phone call can’t be that important!!)

We’ve pulled out the reception desk and replaced it with a suave and sophisticated lounge area for, well, lounging:

Stand-up meeting and conference room 2 is hot to trot. Absolutely loving the write-on glass noticeboards. It’s not quite ‘Minority Report’, but its close enough for me to pretend! (unfortunately no pics yet).

Arnie has been building out his collection of toy cars and figurines in the main workroom.  Not sure Kaja is impressed though!  We are so lucky to have so much of the Brisbane light flood into the office…

A video conferencing facility was a must, as I am on secondment to Cambridge in the UK for a year – and we also deliver projects for clients across Australia.  Even though we’ve got 16,455kms between us, we can still do standup meetings.  Got to love the modern world!

And most importantly of all, and the absolute icing on the cake… Seb surprised us all by organising some Space Invaders carpet!  Bullets are shooting across the floor all the way to the Super Nintendo screen and social area:

After lots of research, I discovered that the Sega Saturn console featured a limited edition version of Bomberman imaginatively called Saturn Bomberman – and *that* version allows for massive 10 person battles (so great for getting the whole team in on the action).  Now I just need to ‘source’ a Sega Saturn with 10 gamepads. I literally cannot contain my excitement for that!

If you’ve got any SharePoint/Office 365 woes and needs some help, or you’d be interested in joining our team (we always need more awesome SharePoint developers) – please get in touch with us through the website