SharePoint to look prettier?

SharePoint to look prettier?
Tom Rock

A new feature that allows you to create custom site themes (and remove the defaults) is currently being released to SharePoint Online tenancies globally.  The process should be completed by the end of November, and it is available to ‘first release‘ customers of Office 365 (it will be released to everyone else shortly thereafter).

Just to recap, until recently your only out-of-the-box ‘classic’ site themes were particularly uninspiring (as below):

This new feature allows you to customise the ‘new experience’ site themes, including the ability to control the options available for your users.  Specifically it will now be possible for admins to create and upload custom site designs and custom site themes, storing them in a central, tenant-level gallery – applicable for use with both team and communication sites.  Details are available in a product blog from Microsoft.  There is also an end-user help page stepping through the process.

The new theme choice menu can be seen below:

For software developers, there is a more in-depth information source that covers the JSON schema for specifying site themes.  There is also an online theme generator, that outputs the JSON.

Need something even more compelling?

I would be remiss not to point out (!) that as a SharePoint specialist – The Solution Collective does of course work with clients to customise SharePoint in more significant ways.  A couple of (anonymised) recent examples are given below – but really anything is possible.

Give us a buzz if you are looking to give your SharePoint some beauty therapy!