Visio Online is…. Online!

Visio Online is…. Online!
Tom Rock

In case you missed it, last week Microsoft announced that the popular Office tool Visio is now available for most people in its ‘Online’ flavour – as part of Office 365 ecosystem.  The bad news is that it isn’t included as part of your normal Office 365 licensing – you have to buy it separately.  The good news is that it only costs $6.40 AUD per month with an annual commitment (although if you also need the desktop version the price jumps to $19.10 AUD per month with an annual commitment).

I am loving this news, as it now means I can update my Server Diagrams, Project Roadmaps, and Other Doodles directly in the browser:

If you want to learn more (especially some technical aspects), then there is an awesome FAQ page. If you run into the issue below:

…it probably means you are trying to open a Visio diagram that has some unsupported features.  A full list of unsupported features is available.  Finally, it does appear that document preview for Visio files is not available in SharePoint search results.  The image below shows document preview for Word documents – and I find this really useful when trying to track down the right document (rather than opening each document in turn).

…so hopefully Microsoft will roll that out as the platform matures.