Murphy Pipe and Civil

Murphy Pipe and Civil is a leading Australian pipeline and energy construction company providing the energy, water and mining sectors with some of the world’s most innovative project solutions.  With a proven track record of delivering large-scale projects, both in Australia and internationally – MPC continue to lead the way in the construction industry through technology and innovative solutions.

The Journey

MPC Group first approached The Solution Collective as they had an existing DMS and Intranet built on SharePoint 2010 technology – but this system had not been well received.  In particular, the following issues were illustrative of the frustrations users expressed when using the system:

  • Not intuitive or user friendly
  • No ranking with search, and too many results returned (difficult to find documents)
  • There is no process for rolling our new project or team sites
  • The current system has a heavy support footprint

MPC Group were keen to leverage their existing investment in Office 365, and looking to migrate their Intranet and DMS capability to SharePoint Online.  As such, MPC Group engaged The Solution Collective for a 12-week “Kickstart” project – delivered using an Agile delivery model.

Subsequent to project completion, MPC engaged The Solution Collective to perform a Managed SharePoint and Office 365 Support Service, which includes elements of onsite support, and periodic user training sessions.

The Outcomes

The Solution Collective delivered a modern, fresh Intranet and Document Management system for use by MPC Group’s mobile workforce of more than 1000 employees.

The solution included some of the following features and benefits:

  • Home page creation and landing page templates (including custom branding)
  • Project and team site templates, and provisioning framework
  • Migration of several thousand documents, including population of metadata
  • Configuration of search to provide easy discovery of documents
  • An end user help site documenting the custom features of the Intranet and DMS
  • SharePoint Information Architecture & Security Schema
  • Document Library setup, co-authoring, and version control
  • Policies and Procedures workflows (for controlled documents)

The project was delivered on time, and on budget – whilst delivering all the documented requirements.

Stevan Simovic


“MPC was one of the first projects where I had the opportunity to use our new SharePoint Cloud Engine (called Geoffrey®) for a client. Geoffrey® is a set of features, visual customisations, and automated provisioning that means we can massively decrease the time it takes to deliver a new Intranet on SharePoint – all whilst making the process more predictable, supportable, and repeatable. In this case, we went from project initiation to go live in less than 12 weeks, despite MPC having a lot of custom requirements in the areas of Document Management and Document Control.

Working closely in partnership with our clients is absolutely critical for kicking goals together, quickly. The MPC team were really supportive of the agile way in which we work, and our shared approach to ‘getting stuff done’ meant we were able to deliver a lot of valuable features to their users – all whilst minimising effort, and hence cost. It’s an exhilarating feeling when users get excited about the solution you’ve been working on so hard to design and deliver – it’s genuinely one of the highlights of my job.”

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