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.NET Custom App Development

Your business is special. Your problems are unique.

Sometimes off-the-shelf software just doesn’t cut the mustard.  It can tick many of the big boxes, but then let you down in the places where it really matters to your business.  Gutted.

Small patches and integrations can get you over the hump – and this is something we often do for our clients.  Point solutions for SharePoint are very popular, and some recent examples include:

  • SMS notifications from SharePoint workflows
  • publishing data from 3rd party systems like AdWords in SharePoint
  • visualising and dashboarding company information in a single place in SharePoint
  • responsive mobile friendly forms built on top of SharePoint

However, if a significant number of your mission critical requirements are seen as ‘edge cases’ in an off-the-shelf product (and are therefore poorly implemented or even non-existent) – then developing a custom application from the ground up might be the best option for you.

What is custom application development?

What it is not, is re-inventing the wheel – and starting from square 1.  It is about looking at the best way your business problems could be solved using technology, and then designing a new system that takes advantage of existing software components – mashing them together to form something new.  Something special.  Sometimes your problems or requirements are so unique it requires development of a new software component – and that’s absolutely fine, it just means we are aligning technology even more closely with the needs of your business.

How does it work?

First you get in touch with us (by phone, or using the online form below), and we organise a free 30 minute consultation (at your office or ours) to discuss your thoughts and ideas.  We chat, get to know you and your business, and you get to know us and our approach.  It also helps for us to know your budget for the project – not because we want to run away with all your money (!), but because it is far easier for us to design something together when we have a target in mind.

Second, you pay us $3000 ex GST to deliver you a high level solution design and roadmap for your project.  This will enable us to ‘t shirt size’ your project (Small, Medium, Large). T-shirt sizes are important, as they allow us to communicate the likely cost, timeframe and risk profile for your project.

Next, the real journey begins – and we start working together to make your project a reality. Our Discover Design Deliver approach (detailed below) is an Agile approach to software development – that reduces risk to all parties, and maintains a focus on business value and deliverables. Our existing clients love it, and we hope you will too.

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