Intranet Kickstart

Need an Intranet this week?

How about an Intranet that looks and feels like a corporate Intranet costing big money, but for a greatly reduced price?

We can make that happen!

We’ve taken all of our knowledge, skills, and experience from delivering hundreds of corporate Intranets – and we’ve distilled it down into an Intranet offering specifically targeted at small-to-medium sized enterprises.

Based on the Office 365 ecosystem, we take all the amazing things Microsoft is doing in the cloud – and we add a pinch of magic dust to our special Intranet rocket juice. Blast off!

Finally, your documents under control.

Just like a moon made of cheese, is your document management full of holes?  It doesn’t have to be.  With our document portal based on SharePoint Online you can:

  • collaborate simultaneously on documents with Microsoft Word
  • ensure your documents are safe and secured
  • easily search for documents using properties that make sense for your business
  • have an opportunity to migrate old file shares into the cloud
  • retain historic versions of documents, so you can easily review and roll back changes
  • edit documents directly from your web browser, without the need to open Microsoft Word

The potential for a properly configured document management portal to unlock the information in your business is massive.

Techies speaking an alien language?

Our all Australian-based team know how to talk human, and know what they are talking about.  From our headquarters in Brisbane, we help businesses right across Australia to:

  • get the best from their SharePoint Online Intranets
  • help resolve any issues as they arise
  • provide phone support and training
  • always be there when you need some expert advice

We can’t wait to talk to you, and start helping you on your journey.

Good comms doesn’t need to be rocket science.

Your Intranet is the control room of your business, and communicating with your staff and stakeholders has never been easier.  With hot features like:

  • A single point of truth for processes, procedures and forms
  • A central portal for staff to access all corporate information assets
  • Featured company news and photos
  • Safety alerts and warnings
  • Staff directory and social networking
  • Areas to communicte company vision and values, leadership and culture, and company strategy
  • A community area to share information about clubs, societies and social events
  • Shared calenders including company events, upcoming leave, and social events

… you can ensure your Intranet is the place where staff meet to share information and collaborate on projects.  Your Intranet is there to remove internal barriers, and help drive your business towards its goals.

Glad you asked.

Get in touch, and we’ll book in an obligation free demonstration.  We’re not into the hard sell, and we are nice people – so don’t be shy!
(We still do big corporate Intranets too, so if you have some specific needs – we can talk about that)

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