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The Solution Collective is a SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud consultancy that was founded in Brisbane in 2013. We have a large presence in Brisbane and Canberra – and our growing client base means we are looking for several new team members to join the Brisbane practice. Our goal at The Solution Collective is to build the most talented and resourceful team of knowledge workers on the planet. Yes, the planet. That is only possible by offering more than just the highest salary. Being paid well is an important life goal, but so is working in a fun team full of people you respect, and where your talents are respected and utilised.

The Solution Collective is guided by a set of values – not in a meaninless corporate sense, but in a very real ‘core of our business’ sense. The values are:

  • integrity
  • dedication
  • creativity
  • communication
  • excellence

You either have those in the essence of your being, or you don’t.  If you do, then we’d like to talk to you! It doesn’t really matter what you do (although right now we are looking for the roles below) – if the fit is right, we’ll find a way to get you on board.  Our selection process is tough, both for you and for us – but we think that all good things are worth working hard for.

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Even more important than your excellent technical skills, is that you are an awesome human being generally.  You love being challenged by interesting problems, and by even more interesting colleagues.  With your confident and approachable personality, you are able to tease out the real business drivers behind technical assignments, articulate complex concepts – and deliver the very best outcomes in SharePoint.  From time to time you will be representing us onsite with our clients as a consultant – and that really does mean something to us.  We don’t hire just anybody, and we have built a strong and supportive team.  Our success as a company is simply a by-product of our great people trying their best to make a difference with our clients.  When people describe you they use words like diligent and professional. Are you our next team member?

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If you believe you are the right fit for one of our vacancies, please come and start a conversation with us today.  Send us through a recent CV, and a brief explanation of why you are the candidate we are looking for – rather than aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the others.   We look forward to hearing from you at:

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