Our new name

The SOCO® Story

For years you’ve been calling us SOCO®.
In 2020 we finally decided to follow your lead.

The Solution Collective® was created in Brisbane on October 10th 2013.  Originally founded as a SharePoint consultancy specialising in intranet and document management systems, we quickly found that our ‘Small. Packets. Of. Work.’ approach resonated with clients big and small – and that demand for our services extended far beyond SharePoint.

Today, we are one of Australia’s fastest growing Information Management (IM) consultancies – and a recognised Microsoft Gold Partner.  We specialise in successfully delivering challenging and complex business and technology solutions, and driving system adoption and business value through customised training, support, and change management. We are experts in technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, Office 365, Power Platform, .NET, and Azure cloud services.  When business meets technology, we are there – standing shoulder to shoulder with our clients, helping to make their big ideas real.

In 2019 we orchestrated a conversation with many of our clients, team members, and industry partners.  You told us that you value the expertise, honesty, and integrity of our people above everything.  “We know our stuff, and we get stuff done” – to quote one of our core company values.  You also told us that you value our genuine partnership model – we put people and outcomes first, technology second.

However, we also learnt that our name didn’t really reflect who we are.  It was time for a change. For an evolution.

From October 2020, The Solution Collective® will officially be renamed as SOCO®.  To us SOCO® represents all the best parts of our culture and approach to doing business.  The short name mirrors our philosophy, direct and no nonsense.  The soft curving letters speak to our human side, and approachable nature.  The full stop underlines our focus on results, and delivery.

We are SOCO®. We are your trusted partner, your humble expert and champion, working in the background with you to make magic happen.

Important note:

Whilst we are changing our name and logo, we are still the same company you’ve come to know and love.  Our registered business name continues to be Thesoco Pty Ltd, and our ABN is 87 166 205 287.

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