SharePoint Health Check

SharePoint Health Check

Are we seconds from disaster, or looking OK?

SharePoint Health Check from The Solution Collective is a simple way for you to obtain a clear picture of the health of your SharePoint environment.  Good news or bad, with a Solution Collective SharePoint Health Check you’ll get to the facts quickly.  If problems do exist, our health checks look to identify root causes – and not just the symptoms.

If you currently have any of the following questions or concerns about your SharePoint, then a Health Check from The Solution Collective is an ideal next step:

  • Should I be moving to the cloud and do I need to keep a local SharePoint instance and its associated support costs?
  • My SharePoint environment keeps crashing and is our organisation experiencing downtime
  • Am I at risk of security breaches?
  • SharePoint is running slowly, timing out, showing blank pages, or otherwise performing poorly
  • Is my environment scalable?  Can I keep introducing more users and solutions to our current farm?
  • I’m not convinced my IT support team are giving me the whole truth with respect to our SharePoint instance
  • For every issue resolved with SharePoint, we are seeing two new ones
  • Are my different environments (Development and Production etc) true replicas of each other?
  • I’m concerned about our support costs increasing
  • I’m concerned your IT team spends more time supporting rather than enhancing SharePoint

These questions, and any others you may have, can all be wrapped up into a SharePoint Health Check.

Time/ Cost

SharePoint Health Checks can range from anywhere between 2-4 days, depending on:

  • number of environments to review (is there just a Production farm, or are there Staging, UAT, and Development farms too?)
  • the number of current issues being experienced (since they will require investigation)
  • the number of customisations, and whether these require code reviews
  • whether the governance around SharePoint should also be assessed

Don’t be fooled by claims of ½ day health checks.  Thorough investigations and root cause analyses take time.  Superficial assessments can often deliver superficial results, and not uncover true causes or problems – or in the worst case not even identify some problems exist at all.

On average, our health checks cost $2,000 + GST

What’s involved?

The SharePoint Health Check process includes the following high level activities:

  1. A senior SharePoint Specialist from The Solution Collective will sit with your IT Manager/CIO to understand the objectives and future roadmap for your SharePoint platform. This is imperative as it sets the context for the whole rest of the Health Check
  2. A certified Solution Collective SharePoint Administrator will access your SharePoint environment(s), and collect the raw data required for the health check (this will of course require secure access to your SharePoint environments)
  3. A certified Solution Collective SharePoint Administrator will review and analyse the SharePoint data, investigate any issues resolved, and create the Health Check document
  4. Our senior SharePoint Specialist will then deliver our health assessment, explain any findings, and discuss any recommended actions.

We check the following (not an exhaustive list):

  • Server configuration including RAM, CPU, Disk configuration etc.
  • SharePoint configuration including patch level, service app topology and configuration, web apps, log location and content database utilisation.
  • Performance analysis of key metrics during peak times to ensure no bottlenecks exist at a server level.
  • SQL configuration to ensure key SharePoint related configuration items are correct.
  • Log analysis (ULS & Event).
  • Security concerns or considerations.

Note: the SharePoint Health Check is a available for all versions of SharePoint on-premise (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016), in the cloud or hybrid.

What you’ll get

The Solution Collective will deliver a detailed SharePoint Health Check report that lists all issues found, and provides recommendations and priorities as seen through the lens of the business objectives stated by your IT Manager/CIO.  The report will be presented by a senior Solution Collective SharePoint Specialist, and questions can be fielded from both technical and non-technical stakeholders in the business.

Specifically, the report will include:

  • Executive Summary with high level issues, and important recommendation that require urgent attention (if there are any)
  • Assessment of your current SharePoint implementation including:
    • security
    • patch versions
    • storage
    • server performance
  • Assessment as to whether the current SharePoint environment aligns with best practice, and if not what the associated risks are
  • Full list of issues identified, and suggested remediation steps
  • What steps are required to address any issues identified

Optionally, the report can also include:

  • Review of governance practices currently in place to ensure SharePoint is managed effectively
    • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity planning
    • Information classification & security governance
    • Support planning
    • Patch review and deployment planning
    • Capacity and Performance management and planning
  • SharePoint upgrade readiness review
  • SharePoint customisation code reviews

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