SharePoint Intranets

Intranets, Intranets, Intranets.

A small word with so much baggage.

What is an Intranet? What should an Intranet be?  Heady questions indeed…
Here at The Solution Collective we believe that an Intranet should be nothing less than the engine of your business.  The place where people and ideas meet, and your business is driven forward.  Lofty marketing speak?  Tick.  Genuine realisable goals for your Intranet project?  Absolutely.

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People are the key.

Whether designing a new Intranet from scratch, migrating from one platform to another, or making some incremental improvements to an existing Intranet – we always start in the same place.  With your people.

A typical Intranet project with The Solution Collective involves engagement with stakeholders from across the entire business, not just a select few managers.  A combination of team-based workshops, and individually targeted online surveys ensure that:

  • Everyone has a stake in the success of your Intranet.  You have that magic buy in that is so important for IT projects.
  • By placing your people at the centre of the conversation right from the beginning, you are ensuring that business value is being defined at a grassroots level

By the end of a Discovery phase of a project, you’ll have a requirements document that puts business value front and foremost.  Value defined in the words of your people, and linked directly to them.

By the end of the Design phase, you’ll have a set of features and effort estimates that can be mapped directly back to business value and the people and groups who think it’s important.   Solid gold.
Sound good?  It is.  It really works

How long does this all take?

The Discovery and Design phases of an Intranet project typically take 15-25 days of consulting time, with elapsed time (aka real actual time) typically taking approximately 8 weeks (depending on how quickly your business is able to move).  For large corporates (5000+ users) we usually find 12 weeks is nearer the mark, simply due to the complexity of some of the requirements (integration with HR or CRM systems for example).

The length of Delivery phase of the project is highly dependent on the Design chosen, the platform selected, and the number of customised features and system integrations that are required.  We prefer to deliver in a phased approach, so at the end of the Design phase we can work together to define which features make the cut for phase 1 – along with an estimate on how long that will take.

For SMEs without the budget for a custom Intranet project, we are working on an “SME Intranet-in-a-box” product for Office 365.  Regardless of your budget, please do get in touch – and we’ll advise you of your options.

Where do we start?

For prospective new clients we offer a free initial onsite consultation (cue flashing lights!) with a Solution Architect.  During this consultation you can ask any questions you like, get to know the team, and start to build your confidence that together we can achieve some incredible things.

Don’t worry if your ideas are only embryonic – that is the best time to talk to us!  Just fill out the form below, and we can book in that free initial meeting…


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