Training Credits

Training Credits

Bespoke training, tailored to your specific needs

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we deliver solutions for clients across Australia – using technologies such as SharePoint, Dynamics, Office 365, PowerApps, and Flow (to name a few).  As a responsible partner, we like to build relationships based on trust.  Part of that is helping our clients to understand that the end of project delivery isn’t really an end, but rather it’s the start of a journey – the journey of being an application owner.  This is why our Discover, Design, Deliver methodology also contains a Drive element – Drive is all about driving adoption of applications through appropriate training, governance and support.

The old way to do training

If you’ve been on a training course before, it’s probably gone something like this.  You turn up at a dingy training facility on the outskirts of town, meet a large group of students from other organisations, and then begin a slow process of working through a course book.  As the course progresses, you get the sense that most of the content is either out of date – or not really relevant to you or your role.

In other words, you’ve not wasted your time per se – but you certainly haven’t made the most of your time.

The new way to do training

We do things differently.  We embrace the fact that it’s not reasonable to expect people to go from zero to expert in only a few short days.  So if we are not trying to make experts, what are we trying to do?  We are trying to give people the knowledge they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, and to make informed decisions.  Given everyone is different, this necessitates that every training package is different.

All our packages start with some basic overview of the relevant technology – at the moment, a basic overview of Office 365 and the available applications is very popular.  Then we deep dive into a number of scenarios specific to how your organisation is using the technology.

Then we follow up with top-up sessions.  People learn best once they start implementing their new skills, so we find the best time is 2-6 weeks after the initial training, to follow up with further sessions.  This cements previous topics, and allows further expansion and consolidation of knowledge.

Products we deliver training for

We’ll develop training packages for any aspect of the Microsoft ecosystem for which we deliver projects, and it is targeted at the end user, or the power user.  Popular applications for which we provide training include:

  • SharePoint (online, and on-prem)
  • Sharegate
  • Nintex Forms and Workflow
  • Flow
  • PowerApps
  • Dynamics
  • Teams
  • OneDrive
  • Planner, and To Do

The right training, delivered the right way

After purchasing a training package, the first step is to complete a survey exploring your specific training needs.  From there, we book in the training sessions – and begin development and customisation of training materials that will best serve your team.

Credit Package Details
Single day Training for up to 10 people at the client site.
– general overview of the technology, e.g. Office 365 and applications
– deep dive into 4-6 application features
– run through of 4-6 client specific scenarios
– question and answer session
– follow up email, answering and open questions and providing references
Single day + follow ups As above, with individual or group follow ups within 2-6 weeks of the training session.
– this assists with new questions that may arise as knowledge is applied
Multi-day bespoke For organisations that need to train a lot of people, or want to cover a lot of content, we can develop bespoke training credits to meet your needs.

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